Thursday, September 6, 2007

On the Faculty Senate's Agenda

This'll show 'em (and who's the AFEC they're censuring?):


Resolution to Censure the Anonymous Group, “Alumni and Faculty
against Corruption at SIU” (AFAC)

WHEREAS the politically motivated initiatives of “Alumni and Faculty against
Corruption at SIU” (hereafter “AFAC”), are not likely to end with the current
plagiarism accusations against President Poshard, regardless of the outcome;

WHEREAS AFAC’s methods of achieving their goals are tarnishing the image
of the entire university;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that 1) Faculty Senate strongly censure
AFAC for its use of inappropriate methods to tarnish the image and
reputation of faculty and staff at SIU; and 2) that Faculty Senate recommend
SIU’s Board of Trustees also strongly censures AFEC.

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