Friday, September 21, 2007

Murphysboro Wal-Mart

Drove past the M'boro Wal-Mart location on my way out of town. Man, is that thing going to be big! I didn't realize how quickly it was going up or how out in the middle of nowhere it is (so to speak). You've got trees, then Wal-Mart, then trees.

I don't like the location because of the sprawl it's going to create but, from Wal-Mart's point of view, it makes good sense. Locating almost halfway between the two cities means its trading area will overlap both of them, pulling people from throughout Murphysboro and further west, and from the western side of Carbondale. With the closing of Kroger's, will those Kroger customers shift to Schnuck's or transfer their custom to Wal-Mart? It's highly doubtful they will shift to either the low price, limited selection of Aldi's or the higher quality but higher prices of the Neighborhood Food Co-op, since by shopping at Kroger, they have already shown they value lower prices and a better selection..


Prior to the sales tax increase, I wouldn't have thought about going to the new Wal-Mart (I'm about halfway between them). Now, I *know* their items will be cheaper so its a no-brainer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this Wal-Mart is going to sell liquor. I think that is going to draw a lot of students to shop there.

We're in for a bit of a shock regarding city sales receipts if you ask me.
Carbondale shoppers are going to drive 6-8 extra miles round-trip because of the .5% extra sales tax? Please! The extra cost of gasoline is more than .5% of the average grocery purchase. Walmart will be cheaper because they squeeze their suppliers so ruthlessly.....and as we've seen this year in commodities such as pet food and toys, the result really doesn't serve humankind very well, does it?
The new Walmart isn't farther away for everyone in Carbondale. Plus, don't forget that Carbondale has a higher gas tax too. Maybe folks will buy their gas out that way while their there to make up the extra cost.
Most of the residential area in Carbondale is on the West side of town.

It is about 2 1/2 miles from Oakland to the current Wal-Mart, and about 3 1/2 miles from Oakland to the new Wal-Mart. Many of those people on the West side will be able to get to the new Wal-Mart MUCH more easily than dealing with the traffic, lights and train tracks getting to the current Wal-Mart.

Throw in the fact that the new Wal-Mart will be cheaper and sell liquor, I think a LOT of people will go to the new store.
I don't doubt that the new MonsterMart will be a "success." Their suits obviously aren't dummies.
My point in my previous post is don't attribute it to the extra .5% sales tax.
I live on the west end of town, and I sure plan on going to the new Wal Mart. It may be a little further away, but will be much more convenient due to the reasons the last person mentioned....train, congestion, traffic lights, etc....
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