Monday, September 3, 2007

Local H.S. sports site launched

Just heard from Don Laur about his 618 football website, which has been getting from 1100 to 1600 unique visitors per day. But, Carbondale hasn't had much of a showing. Seems like he's been shut out from appearing in the Southern due to the threat of competition. Not only that but they launched a site very similar to Don's, including a pick 'em contest (which starts in week 3) offering a cash prize.

Since Don can't get the word out like the big boys and since they will not do a story on him, he's asked me to blog it!

Here's the press release: is an action-packed new website community that focuses on Illinois high school football teams and fans from the 618 area code, which currently includes 68 teams in Southern Illinois, Central Illinois, Southeastern Illinois, and St. Louis Metro Illinois. This website is intended to be THE online meeting place for 618 football information, including team profiles, schedules, rankings, and scores, with other features being added as the season develops.

Functions and features of the website include weekly pick'em challenges, forums, dynamic Google Maps, news, user uploaded photos, links, and podcasts.

Why the 618 area code? The Southern area of Illinois is typically considered the area that includes the River-to-River, the South Seven, and the Black Diamond conferences. Teams in these conferences are the football teams predominantly covered by the regional print, radio, and television media. The most immediate coverage area includes some tremendous powerhouse football traditions, but why stop there? The South Seven conference includes Belleville Altoff and Cahokia. Those are generally considered St. Louis Metro Illinois teams. Illinois high school sports teams in this area could be considered out of Southern Illinois. The functionality of will allow grouping by enrollment or the school size, but remember there are some good small school programs in this coverage area as well. Conferences would work, but in some cases would take us too far outside our area. This is why the 618 area code is the separation point and the name of the online community is

Don Laur, a former DuQuoin High School football player and '93 alum, developed, out of his love for Southern Illinois high school football and as a Master's Project to complete his degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

For more information, visit the site and talk to Laur personally. Advertising availability is currently being offered to offset the cost of hosting the site and marketing materials. Laur can also be reached by phone at 618-201-4460.

Cool, my town is on there.
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