Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Joan Friedenberg Steps Forward

Professor Emeritus Friedenberg says in this letter that she presented President Poshard with evidence of plagiarism at a meeting in 2006. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but nowhere in the letter does it specifically state that it was allegations of his plagiarisms that she presented during the meeting. Nor does it say that she was the one that gave the information to the DE.

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D. Gorton couldn't get Blogger to take this so asked me to post it for him:

Joan Friedenberg is a friend. She is ethical and engaged. She was treated badly when she went to President Poshard over the Dussold affair. Rather than listening to her and taking her advice as she explained the long term implications of the plagiarism charges, she was branded an "academic terrorist" who "waits in the weeds". It was a mistake of the highest order.

Joan is principled, tenacious, and unyielding. She was deeply hurt by the charges and mystified by the President's reaction. She had attempted a reconciliation of the factions at SIU and instead was vilified.

Those are the facts.

But the facts also that Glenn Poshard is the last, best hope for this University. His energy and resolve are unlike anything since Delyte Morris walked the campus. Poshard has the will and the imagination to revive this University and this town.

In a war of words and crushed hopes, not to mention Dussold's lost career, there has to be a way out. Otherwise its All against All.

I'm hoping that Glenn Poshard reaches out to Joan with a sincere apology; that they work together, along with other faculty, students, and staff, to find a creative and lasting solution to this crisis of confidence.

In fact I know that Poshard is capable of it and so is Joan.

D. Gorton
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