Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dick's Opens, Ponderosa Closes

I was driving by the new Dick's Sporting Goods in the old K-mart store this morning about 7:55 and saw about a dozen people waiting outside to get in. Looked like there were a lot more people on the inside already for the Chamber of Commerce official ribbon cutting.

Meanwhile, I see the Ponderosa Steakhouse has finally closed. I've only eaten there once in the last five years and I've been told the quality and cleanliness has gone way downhill. Guess that means more business for the other breakfast places in town.

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Well, I certainly am glad that the mayor brought us an overpriced sporting goods store instead of Target. I mean, who would want to have a local alternative to Wal-Mart?

I'm sure that Dick's will bring in a tremendous amount of tax revenue for the city...
The Carbondale Ponderosa as I hear it was basically a tax right off for the owner who also owns some Chuckie Cheeses that do a tremendous business. I guess the owner no longer needs the tax right off. Carbondale can use a better restaraunt.
Yes, I would love a Target here as well, but everyone would have complained about the 6 million dollar package they wanted if the City would have agreed.
I'm glad Dick's is expensive, that will save business for the independents that have been loyal community members and sponsors.
Well, maybe the 'everyone' should have been given a chance to hear what Target wanted in order to locate in the old K-Mart before they were told to take a hike.

Dick's offers a very different line of merchandise than local sporting goods apparel and equipment businesses, so there is little benefit to those 'loyal community members.'
If we wait for everyone to pay enough attention to deside, the business world will pass us by.
I recommend getting to know the City Staff they are well educated and experienced. They will treat you well and answer your questions, especially if you treat them as nice as you would anyone else. If you go in yelling and critising they probably are not going to be very receptive.
My point is that more than one person desides what is going to happen and they have expertise that the ordinary citizen with an opinion does not have.
I do not work for or with the city.
I don't think the point was that we needed to wait for "everyone" to hear what Target wanted. Instead, the point was that it might have been a good idea to let the Council know. That is, afterall, kind of their job.
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