Saturday, September 22, 2007

Community Investment Program--Bikeway Network

Been looking over the 5 year Carbondale CIP in my free time this weekend. It's interesting to see some of the projects planed for the next 5 years that are funded as well as those unfunded (we want to do them, we know the estimated costs, but we don't have the money) and future (we want to do them, but we don't have the money and we don't know the costs). Among the funded projects are a bikeway network. This is a proposed series of loops around and through Carbondale. Initial focus is on existing bike routes with signage and/or striping. Eventually, this will lead to an interlocking system of on-street and off-street routes, including right of way acquisition and construction which connect shopping areas, parks and schools within Carbondale. Requirements for bike accessibility will be considered as future street improvements are made. Total estimated cost 3 million 39 thousand dollars.

From what I can tell, design work on this is scheduled to start in 2009. That should make the Bike to Work Day folks happy

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How did you get ahold of this and when do they start asking for community input on the next one?
The Five Year Community Investment Program should be available at the library (though they couldn't find it when I was there)or at City Hall. I borrowed this copy from Councilman Wissmann. As far as community input, are you asking about the CIP in general or the bikeway in particular?
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