Friday, September 7, 2007

Chicago Tribune Editorial

In an editorial today, the Chicago Tribune calls for President Poshard to step down. Oh, and the Board of Trustees is having a special meeting on Monday. Apparently, they're not going to wait for the Faculty Senate to weigh in.

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Poshard resigning would be a tremendous blow to the University. I think only his most strident opponents want to see that.

I am a strong supporter of Poshard, and I think he is the best thing to come to this University in a long time.

However, that does not absolve him of responsibility in this matter. He has handled this situation almost as badly as humanly possible.

I do not wish for him to resign as President, but at a minimum he should admit to making a grave error in judgment and there should be some form of punishment that he could serve that would be constructive and educational, not just for Poshard, but for the University faculty, staff, and most importantly, the students.
Until this happened I thought he was a Godsend for the university-the knight on a white horse. If this were a student or a faculty member perhaps it could be overlooked; it was a long time ago. But as university prsdient he has to be a role model. I think he should resign and, that aside, I think his degree should be taken from him.
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