Sunday, September 2, 2007

Carterville and Herrin Papers Corrected Post

Apparently, the Carterville Courier and Herrin Independent both knew about the Poshard story three or so months ago. However from a post in the comments by the editor of both papers, neither printed anything about the story. I sit in front of the computer corrected.

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That is incorrect. I am the editor of both papers, and although we did know of the allegations several months ago, we never did print anything. The DE's story, while well reported, never explained how the news value of the story befitted the extensive space given to it.
Thanks for the information. I'll edit the post.
If those papers knew of the stories, why did they choose not to print anything?

Are they of the opinion that documented allegations of plagiarism by the President of the University is not worthy of reporting?
Geoff, it had enough news value to hit the Chronicle of Higher Education. How on earth could you have come to that conclusion after:

1. The Wendler cheating scandal;

2. Understanding you don't really have anything else that is more newsworthy;

3. And, he is the president of a large state institution and plagarism is a huge education issue from K-graduate school these days (go check your news aggregator if you don't believe me).

Geez, what were you thinking?
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