Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blue Ribbon Panel

Also on the Faculty Senate's agenda for next Tuesday is a resolution asking the BOT to appoint a blue-ribbon panel to investigate the accusations of plagiarism. Not just a panel but a blue-ribbon one! Anyway, the meeting's scheduled for next Tuesday at 1p.m. in the Kaskasia-Missouri rooms at the Student Center. Not sure if it's open to the public though.

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A little inside information -- it looks like a faculty committee will be formed to review the dissertation and make a determination as to whether the allegations are serious enough to warrant degree recission. The alternative to recission is to let Poshard fix the errors and re-submit, something for which there is precedent (not just at SIU, but at top universities as well). The committee will be comprised of faculty from its representative organs. This is basically the process that is on the books, except that it won't be the department reviewing the mistakes and it will be a faculty committee.
Waste if time, money and effort.
Move on...
There is no waste of time/money on this. Its the exact process that gets used for every other student at the university.

One of the major problems at SIU in the past is that they don't follow their own rules. Legally, politically, and academically this is the right thing to do.
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