Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apple Festival vs. Pig Out

The two events have always seems to co-exist peacefully on the same weekend (There was a reason why the Pig Out went for the same weekend as the Apple Festival but I can't remember why). However, this year, the Apple Festival seems to be getting twice as much publicity as the Pig Out. There's bee a couple of stories in the Southern about the Apple Festival, but nothing until today about the Pig Out. The DE ran a story yesterday about the Apple Festival, nothing about the Pig out. I've heard a couple of mentions on WSIU about the Apple Festival, nothing about the Pig Out. In the publicity contest, it's all Apple Festival.


The Apple Festivals new director is on the ball. Mike Ruiz he has great pull and is all about publicity. If you are not knocking at the door of the media chances are they will not cover your event.
Just shows the media's lack of work ethic in my opinion.
In my opinion, the activities at the Apple Festival are far more family friendly than the Pig Out...not to mention that you have to pay to even get into the Pig Out area...
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