Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another location for Pig Out?

It shouldn't be held at the 710 Parking Lot every year. How much $ and city resources goes to the event..... What gain? Survey of local businesses do not feel it benefits. Currently, I'm working with business owners in the Town Square district who think some of the Pig Out money should be spread around town. I tell these people to get involved with the Main Street organization in order to make a change. Do you think the event could be held at Town Square next year?

Actually, the money is spread out around town. This is one of the major fund raisers for Carbondale Main Street which then uses the money to help fund other activities such as the Brown Bag Concerts, signage grants, plantings and the Walk of Fame.

Moving it to the Town Square would entail at least two streets closed off to allow enough room for the events. Are ABC, Tres Hombres, LongBranch, Town Square Market, etc. wiling to have the streets closed off in front of their businesses as well as giving up the square parking for two days?

Also, you have trains coming through the square on a regular basis. Combine that with people consuming lots of beer and you have a real good chance of a accident happening.
So I guess you are stuck hanging out in the large, treeless parking lot at 710 and Quatro's. At least the music is generally good ;)
Or the city could work with the Park District to turn some of those vacant lots on the East side of the train tracks that used to be occupied by run-down buildings into park/square areas with the capacity to hold outdoor events.

As for the train tracks, it wouldn't take much to install fencing along the area, and station a couple of officers on the tracks where the crossing gates are to prevent any accidents.
Carbondale Community Arts and the Chamber of Commerce have tried this repeatly. No business around town square paid any particuliar attention. Even though they were ask to pariticipate. I guess it has to be their idea.
Most of the profit from Pig Out benefits the North end more than the south end of Illinois. The south end benefits from more exposure they get it down there.
Town Square needs to quit being idea people and pony up the bucks for an event. Follow the rules and put on a QUALITY event. They have struck out in the past.
710 and the other business are good enough to allow the HUGE mess the Pig Out creates.
Has poque shown up for clean up?
Has poque voluteered?
Pig Out may not be pretty but it works.
What no comments?
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