Friday, August 24, 2007

Two Out of 3 Ain't Bad

After it's all over but the shoutin', Peter Gregory comments about the sales tax brouhaha. He's right about the property tax vs. sales tax and the $20 million donation to SIUC. However, I think he's wrong about the overall need for the sales tax. Mayor Cole did make a good case for raising the tax to pay for the fire and police stations, he didn't make a good case for the donation to Saluki Way. Actually, I guess he did, since it passed.

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What about the 'sales tax v. property tax' debate is he right about?
Generally speaking, as Gregory pointed out in the comments on the Carbondaly Dispatch a couple of weeks ago, while a sales tax is more regressive than a property tax, the property tax would only hit residents of Carbondale. The sales tax would raise money not only from Carbondale residents but from those who live outside the community but shop here.
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