Saturday, August 18, 2007

McAndrew Stadium Falling Apart

From today's Southern Illinoisan, McAndrew Stadium looks in pretty bad shape. It does make one wonder why no upkeep has been done on the place. Broken concrete, dangling light fixtures, little to no ventilation, busted showers, it sounds like an apartment I lived in 10 years ago.

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This is one of the most frustrating articles I've ever read in the SI. There was very little effort to get more than the AD's perspective on the football stadium project. And, it completely ignores the fact that there are tens of millions of deferred maintanence all over campus. As a couple of examples, Faner Hall has someone who has the responsibility of going around emptying water buckets from leaky roofs and the Ag building is about ready to fall over in some places. There is no doubt that the football stadium and arena are in need of repair, but the question really is whether that is the priority over the classroom and academic buildings that get more use. Very poor reporting by the SI on this one; they might as well just let Mocha write the story himself next time.
I almost put a comment in about the running of the story 4 days before the vote on the sales tax but figured I'd let someone else point it out.
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