Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mayor's LAB Speech

For those you you who don't like listening to stuff online, this week's Carbondale Times has what they say is the mayor's speech before he withdrew the proposal to modify the liquor code. His discussion on the duties of the city manager's office got me interested enough to try to find out more about the CM's office.

Did you know you have to file a FOI form with the city to find out how long Mr. Doherty's contract is for? Maybe if I had just gone in and asked, I could have found out more easily. Asking over the phone, I had to download a FOI form from the city's website, fill it out and fax it back.

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I am reasonably sure that the City Managers contract will be up for reapproval for spring of 08.
Got an email back from the city that it expires this December with a 2 year option for renewal.
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