Sunday, August 19, 2007

Letters to the City Council

The city has received at least two letters opposing the sales tax as it is currently presented. To read them, click here and scroll down in the PDF to page 17 for the letter from SIUC Professor Emeritus Donald Detwiler. For additional interesting reading, go to page 19 in the document for a very detailed letter from former Assistant City Manager Don Monty. Be sure to read the list of 125 Unfunded and Future Community Improvement Projects that were considered when the 2008 budget was set that Mr. Monty attached. That's on page 24 of the PDF. These are projects for which funding is not currently available. Quoting Mr. Monty's letter "Some of the projects will ultimately be funded by the Water and Sewer Fund, the Parking System Fund or the Rental Properties Fund, but most are dependent on funding from the General Fund."

That's 125 projects the city has determined are important enough to undertake but is having to put off because there's no extra cash in the General Fund to do them.

Thanks to D. Gorton for directing my attention this way.

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