Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fusion Now Open

Fusion, an upscale for the 'dale martini bar, is having a soft opening at its location in the old Herald Printing building at 215 East Main, next to the township offices. Look for the multi-colored awning on the south side of the street.

From what I've heard, it's already attracting quite a clientèle, despite no advertising. The martinis apparently are quite good and, at $7, are a bargain compared to the $20 you'd pay for the same thing in Chicago.

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AT $7.00 per martini that's quite a ripoff compared to what you can get at the Newell House a few hundred feet away...for only $5.00...
The service was really slow. And there are WAY to many martinis on the menu. I recommend going down to the Newell House for faster service and cheaper martinis .
While the Newell house does have the best bartender in town, Fusion is pretty okay in my book. Pay the extra $2 for the atmosphere. The service was great the times I have gone. The wait staff and the bartenders both were great. They have the best stocked bar in town and can make drinks that aren't on the menu (I personally have never experienced "way too many" choices of any kind in life).

Surely the 'dale is big enough to sustain two grown folks places.
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