Monday, August 13, 2007

City Manager's Contract Renewal

Jeff Doherty's contract as city manager expires this coming December, though it does have a 2 year renewal option. What do you think? Should it be renewed or extended? He's had the position since 1992 and has worked for the city since 1976. The reason I'm bring this up is while he's done a pretty good job of managing the city's growth, I was talking with a C'dale businessperson a couple of months ago who was strongly of the opinion that city managers, good or bad, ought to be replaced every ten to twelve years to bring in new ideas and avoid stagnation.

See here for some background on Doherty's professional life.

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I disagree. When I ran for City Council, I got this same question, and I thought it was silly then too. If the man's doing a good job, leave him be. Otherwise, you could make the case that any person in any job should be replaced every so often to avoid stagnation. Silliness. That's why we have politicians, so we can replace THEM every so often (not often enough, in my opinion).

On the other hand, if he's become an entrenched bureaucrat who has made himself indispensible and essentially runs the city how he likes regardless of the wishes of the elected officials, sack him posthaste.
Change just for the sake of change doesn't seem wise to me.
Why not just let Brad have the job. Why do we even need a city council or judges in His town. He has a mandate. Haven't you heard?
These are the reasons JD should stay city manager.
1. The city staff respects him.
2. He is honest.
3. He is flexible and responsive when approached in an appropriate manner.
4. He does stay up to date on matters that affect the city.
5. He has the knowledge and experience to stand up to the Mayor (who is short on experience. By the way, this is why I hear the Mayor would like to replace Mr. Doherty reguardless of his other claims.)
I work with not for Jeff Doherty. He is honest and forthcoming to those who present themselves in the same manner. He and I have not always agreed but he has always had a resonable arguement. However, he will not agree to a demand or suggestion that is not backed up with fact or merit. Therefore, if you go to talk to him be prepared don't try to "wing it". However, he has admitted that the city council can place their wims on the city manager, possibly a problem for all cities.
The man has made some people mad, but you do not accomplish anything if you only make people happy.
Before Jeff Doherty the organanization was a circus.
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