Thursday, August 30, 2007

President Poshard Plagiarism Charges

6 page story (well 5 pages and an editorial) in the DE today. Wow. First ex-Chancellor Wendler, now this. Two things I figure from the stories:

1. Someone pointed the paper at it. No one goes back and looks at a 24 year old dissertation on a whim.

2. The DE is getting help from someone. The DE reporters did a good job, but no-one who's not trained in the area could dig out 30+ examples of plagiarism in the week the DE says it's worked on the story.

From what I've heard, the Chronicle of Higher Education is preparing a story on it as well, much as the magazine did with the controversy over Wendler here and Dussold up at SIUE.

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I personally think the DE is a joke. Anyone who takes THAT student-run newspaper seriously has issues.
So, the fact that they are right about the plagiarism issues in Poshard's dissertation are irrelevant? Why do you care that it came from the DE?

Why not focus on the accuracy of the information and the implications that it has for Poshard being able to continue effectively as President of the University?

What does this mean for fund-raising for University projects?

What does it mean for his ability to work with faculty, and for faculty who need to enforce plagiarism standards in their classrooms?

What about enrollment?

This news has some wide-ranging implications for the University. Where the information came from is irrelevant.
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