Monday, July 23, 2007

Where's the Money Going?

If either of the two tax proposals goes through (Yes Virginia, there are two possible taxes proposed), here's where the money's going:

1. Public Safety Center--to be built on the site where the old Lincoln School stood. This will house the Carbondale Police Department, Fire Department Administration, Emergency Management Services and SIUC Department of Public Safety. Apparently, the city is looking for federal funding for this. If we can't get it, the preliminary estimate for the city footing the bill is $6.2 million.

2. Westside Fire Station. Due to growth of the city, "the one at the corner of Oakland and Walnut has become obsolete", is not built to earthquake standards and will likely collapse if an earthquake hits. Cost of a new station further west is $1.25 million.

3. Development of open pace including bikeways, greenways and sidewalks plus a $35,000 one time grant to the park District for improvements at the Carbondale LIFE Community Center. Total money devoted to this, $500,000.

4. Saluki Way This is the big one, kids. $20 million over the next 20 years to help fund renovations at the SIU Arena and the replacement of McAndrew Stadium. Estimate cost for both: $80 million. $38 million is coming from student fees. Apparently, as noted earlier this week, SIUC doesn't have any other large donors lined up, the city will be the first and hopefully other private sources will follow in our footsteps.

Total cost for the whole shebang, $28 million bucks.

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