Monday, July 16, 2007

Our Litigious Society--Cardinals Edition

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in an April
car crash after he collided with a stopped tow truck on Interstate 64
in the middle of the night, and according to a police report,
Hancock was intoxicated, speeding, un-seat-belted, and talking on
his cell phone at the time. Nonetheless, in May, Hancock's father
filed a lawsuit claiming that the causes of the crash were (1) the
tow truck operator, (2) the driver who was being assisted by the
tow truck operator, and (3) the manager of the restaurant in which
Hancock had been drinking. [Houston Chronicle-AP, 5-25-07]

You may somehow find a lawsuit like this distasteful, but surely you don't know any more about the case than what you have read in the newspaper. This is still America and people have the right to sue. I am not saying Hancock's dad is right or wrong, but what could possibly be wrong with letting the courts examine the evidence to make a determination?
Nothing at all. Just found the article interesting. Frankly, I found the medical malpractice caps and most "tort reform" enacted by the state a couple of years ago an exercise in posturing and serving only to limit the victim's rights.
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