Friday, June 15, 2007

Newell House renewed

After years of sporting an metal (aluminum) wrap around its impressive girth, the building known as "Bening Square" is being stripped of its covering to reveal the brick and windows beneath. This isn't the best photo of the operation, but as it progresses, I'll upload better images.

The man behind this change, Dan Terry, owns the Newell House restaurant, including the entire building, as well as the buildings up the street (TIF district, btw) including Herald building, which he's converting into a venue for liquor, art, and intimate musical performances.

Word on the street is that the building will be painted after all the metallic covering has been removed. What color? Don't know.

thats cool that you are keeping up with that project, for one its good to see that building looking like it used, and the other part, is Dan terry is my uncle.
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