Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Murphysboro Wal-Mart

Interesting rumor I've heard from two different sources, neither of which claims to have inside information but is repeating what someone else has told them. The rumor is, once the new Wal-Mart opens at Country Club Road and 13, which it probably will despite the lawsuit, both the Murphysboro and Carbondale stores will close, funneling traffic from both cities to the new store, which will sit about halfway between population centers..

From Wal-Mart's viewpoint, this would be a good move. It removes the cannibalization problem of having both stores so close together and eliminates the overhead of maintaining the Carbondale store, which could only expect to lose sales to the new Murphysboro SuperCenter.


it is unlikely the east side Walmart will close. This rumor has been circulating since it was first announced that the Murphy Walmart would be REPLACED. The Carbondale Walmart will still be larger than the new one. If this was the marts intention, it would have already been announced. Walmart is very transparent on these type of issues.
I tend to agree with the previous comment. The M'Boro Wal-Mart is not long for this world, but C'Dale East will remain. So says the Beer Philosopher.

For whatever that's worth.
This would be an absolutely idiotic idea. There's no way this is going to happen. If Wal-Mart was only going to put one Super Wal-Mart in the Murphysboro-Carbondale region, it would Carbondale. Which means that the cheapest way to accomplish what you suggest is by simply not building the Murphysboro Super Wal-Mart in the first place. I, as a Murphysboro resident, cannot wait until this Super Wal-Mart is completed, so I can stop driving to the Carbondale one to buy my groceries (yes, it's that much cheaper). There's no way Carbondale folks are going to want to drive to Murphysboro. True, the Carbondale one will lose a little revenue from people like me, but the increased revenue from the new Murphysboro one will more than make up for that loss.

Of course they're going to close the existing Murphysboro Wal-Mart; they always close existing stores when they open a bigger one in the same town.

I've heard this rumor too. Whoever is spreading this is off his rocker.
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