Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Can Carbondale Do?

Rhetorical question from a reader:

We have good health care, low land cost, somewhat easy access via rail, hwy, air, I don't know how energy costs compare, decent internet infrastructure (in town), a large variety of things for "quality of life" in employees off-time and proximity to St. Louis, memphis, nashville, springfield, Evansville metro areas... I think we've got access to a fairly higher educated workforce with the presence of SIU and JALC. All pluses...

So, what does Carbondale need to do to get something like this [link below] perhaps in the Business Park (east, reed station rd.. Isn't that area is developed to be wired? I'm 98% sure that somebody had redundant fiber runs to the park from both north and south, I saw the south run dug as I drive old 13 every day)?

How about this Job Change for Furniture Makers, Courtesy of Google?

or this?


ACS had good run with a data center but their contracts didn't continue.

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There are no adult workers here for those companies to hire. Taxes are high. Workman's comp in out of sight! If you were going to plop down a big job creating facility, why would you do it here instead of Tenn or KY? Have you looked at the K-12 test scores?

If Southern Illinois doesn't create businesses locally, nothing is going to happen. You just aren't going to attract a business from outside the area to magically make it all better.
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