Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Simon tops Cole in primary

Simon tops Cole, while Haynes, Lewin, Pohlmann, Moore, Jack, and Brown are top vote getters in City Council primary.

See the results for yourself.


Intersting bit of musical chairs at the Carbondale Main Street Awards ceremony tonight at Global Gourmet. Mayor Cole was there through the introductions and awards, then apparently left as soon as Sheila Simon showed up.
Boy, is he ever gracious.
Anonymous - Are you ever gracious? Maybe Cole had something else to do, such as replace some of the 100+ signs defaced or removed by some ungracious supporters of his opponent.
Good point. He has so little support that he has to do all of his signs himself rather than relying on volunteers. In fact, I believe almost all of his help to-date is paid for. You're in a position to confirm that, aren't you Dave?
I gather Cole was on time for the program and stayed 'til its completion, so it shouldn't be strange that he left when it was over. He is a pretty busy person, after all. And he does do many things himself, rather than delegate. When I asked him if he wanted help in replacing the stolen signs, he said "No, it's therapeutic."

I know he has other volunteers, but my own job as webmaster has little to do with the campaign. All I do is upload images or text, per his requests. In fact, a new message from him will be posted this afternoon to his Team Brad web site.
Are you going to be more honest about being on Brad's payroll on your own blog, Dave, now that someone has openly wondered about your level of unbiasedness?

For me -- and many others -- watching the mayor lose so hugely last week was therapeutic.
Dear Anonymous #5: I realize that there was great celebration on Tuesday among those like yourself who derived "therapeutic" value from Cole's 38 percent showing in the primary. That is what I was thinking in the "Rope-a-Dope" post -- that his hard-core opponents gave it their best shot -- and gave him 1,176 'punches', and he's still standing ... on his record.

I have been "up front" about the fact that I maintain Cole's web site at various times. I have said so three or four times already in this blog and in the Carbondaley Dispatch that I was hired to design his web site two years ago (and received $250, and $10 per month for maintenance). So far I haven't had any campaign duties to speak of. Yesterday, I uploaded his new message to his home page. . . . Kaching. ;-)

I was going to do a newsletter, but he decided to do it himself. Brad prefers to manage his own campaign and communications.

So there ya go. Maybe I can add something to my profile.

Now you be honest with me, Anonymous. Who are Simon's paid campaign staffers?
Now you be honest with me, Anonymous. Who are Simon's paid campaign staffers?

To my knowledge, none. But maybe I don't know everything. Isn't this information available in campaign finance reports?
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