Thursday, February 1, 2007

Downtown Moves

There's been some movement of busineses in downtown Carbondale. Tonic Headquarters has moved into Mane Effects' location on West Freeman, while Melange Coffeehouse has expanded into the into the space Tonic occupied on S. Illinois. The new paint job on Melange looks pretty sharp. Now if something would go into the old Saluki Bookstore building, which has "Private Property" signs up in the windows, rather than "For Rent" or "For Sale".


I heard that Cristaudo's will open a location at Saluki Bookstore.
So have I, but they've owned the place since sometime in 06 with no sign of activity inside, except for when it was used as gallery space for an art show.
Did you know Cristaudo's has a web site? Original Pink Cookie.
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