Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sheila on the air, on the door

This morning, "Cap" Miller interviewed Carbondale mayoral candidate Sheila Simon on his Morning Newswatch on WJPF-AM. Miller noted the statewide interest in the contest between her and Mayor Brad Cole. She had a fundraiser in Chicago last weekend and newspapers statewide have articles about her. As if that wasn't enough exposure, one of her campaign signs has popped up two doors down from where I live, and a pamphlet appeared on my door over the weekend.

One highlight of Sheila's chat with Miller: calling for the release of the closed session City Council discussions in 2003 about the old American Tap property, a controversial topic at the time, which undoubtedly will be an issue in the upcoming campaign debate.


Looking around town, it looks like Main Street is the line of demarcation between Cole and Simon supporters. Thehe are more Sheila Simon signs south of Main and more Cole signs on the north side (except on N. Springer).
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