Friday, January 26, 2007

any publicity is good?

A reader sends this link to Seth's Blog, showing another poor reflection of SIU.


There are 180 law schools in the U.S. So that's why advertising having a program as being ranked 16th of 180 is pretty significant. While the sign would definitely be pretty funny in some aspects, anyone who is looking into law schools or in the legal field knows that this is 16th out of a total of 180. So it's definitely worth bragging about.

Also, it's definitely a feather in the cap for Carbondale and Southern Illinois to have such a great program. Carbondale should be proud.
I disagree. This sign is utterly amateur and poorly designed. It's gramatically incorrect in every way (every word capitalized, 16th italicized, the name of the publication not italicized). A marketing message like that is as inspiring as wanting to "become one of the top 75 research universities." No wonder enrollment is declining.

It's pathetic that someone as connected and well-read as Seth Goodin mocks us and someone here argues it's a good thing.
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