Saturday, January 27, 2007

Carbondale Candidates Online -- NOT!

Andy Warhol’s 1968 prediction that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes is being tested this campaign season in Carbondale where only three of the eleven candidates for office have an official campaign website. It seems the digital age still escapes most candidates.

The media challenged candidates must think that voters still only get the election news from traditional broadcast media: radio, TV, newspapers, and of course, the last minute flurry of campaign literature stuffed into thousands of screen doors.

According to Internet Usage and Population website there are over 210 million people in the Unites States that use the internet. That is a 120% increase since 2000. So, why is it so difficult to locate the e-mail address of candidates for public office? If the candidates are running on a platform, why isn't it on a public website for everyone to see?

I've searched the Internet asembling what references I could find for the candidates. Shown below are websites referencing the candidates, their age and e-mail addresses, if known. If a candidate has a campaign website, it is shown in bold, italics below. Other URLS are websites that appear to contain some valid information about the candidate. (I tried to not use e-mail address for their employment or websites where more than one candidate is described.) Share and enjoy.

Mayoral Candidates

Brad Cole, 35,

Jessica Davis, 38, e-mail via campaign website

Melvin "Pepper" Holder, 57, No public e-mail address identified

Sheila Simon, 45,

Council Candidates

Stephen Haynes, 42,

Joseph Moore, 21, No public e-mail address identified

Lance D. Jack, 36,

Mary Pohlmann, 62, No public e-mail address identified

Paulette "Will" Sherwood, 62, No public e-mail address identified

Elizabeth Lewin, NA, No public e-mail address identified

Luanne J. Brown, NA, No public e-mail address identified

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Why are you listing ages? Is that an important factor in your voting decision?
Are you kidding me? Pepper is all over the web.,%20MELVIN
Court dockets listings without details on the case or their disposition are inconclusive.
Age is and has always been a determining factor in elections. Candidate ages were included as it is a convention to provide basic data about the person. The listing was certainly not meant to be a comprehensive online summary the the candidates. However, the age issue is important relative to historical use of digital media and the so-called "digital divide" that separates net users from non-users. The issue will be a future topic in The Ultimate Answer blog (

it came up in my Google search, I'll try to get it out there more!

Thanks for the heads up,
Joe Moore
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