Monday, January 29, 2007

Candidates Rise to the Digital Challenge

Following Monday night's "meet the Carbondale candidates forum" at Hanger 9 two city council election candidates declared their intent to have a more prominent web presence.

Council candidate Joe Moore said he will start putting some more effort into his nascent blog. He created it nearly two months ago, but had done nothing with it until a half-hour before the night's event.

Luanne Brown, council candidate, said she would soon have a blog of her own containing campaign information. You'll hear about it here when it is ready for prime time.


How long does it take to get a blog "ready?" Sheesh. Crank up the Commodore 64 and start typing!
Looks like the candidates have not risen to the challenge after all. Not yet.

Joe Moore makes good use of the image cabability of Blogger.Com, but doesn't have much to say - yet.

Any candidate who regularly kept up a blog would get my vote.... It's a 'blogger thing'.
here we go, it should be up and running
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